Advanced Wholistic Remedies - Specialising in Corporate, Mobile & Clinic Massage Services


Advanced Wholistic Remedies is proud of it's range of Aromatherapy Facial & Body Energy Mists. Our products are all hand made and have been carefully developed and formulated from 100% natural ingredients. We have the following products in our range:

Relax & Restore...
A grounding mixture of essential oils and Aura Soma Pomanders that connects you with the earth. It is useful when feeling unsettled, scattered, light headed and during times when you may feel disconnected. It helps to promote a sense of security and stability and can also be useful for times of transition.

Calm & Clarify...
A balancing mixture of essential oils and Aura Soma Pomanders that helps to harmonise and bring you into center. It helps facilitate balancing of the chakras, and aids re-alignment of your energy centers and meridians. It is very good for times of anxiety and stress, and when clarity of mind s and focus is needed.

Revive & Vitalize...
An uplifting mixture of essential oils and Aura Soma Pomanders that helps to energize and re-vitalize. This is most useful when feeling tired and lethargic or when you need a quick 'pick-me-up'. It helps by raising energy to refresh the mind and body.

The artwork mandalas on each product have been carefully designed and chosen by Bec Calabro from A Blissful Existence. Mandalas or sacred symbols can be used to vibrationally energise and impart specific qualities for their intended use. In this case, they have been chosen to help direct and infuse energy which aligns with the intention of each of the products.


Individual bottles

50 mL sizes are $22.50 each.
125 mL sizes are $30.00 each.


50 mL sizes
Any 2 x 50 mL bottles for $42.50
Any 3 x 50 mL bottles for $60.00

125mL sizes
2 x 125 mL bottles for $55.00
3 x 125 mL bottles for $80.00

Full Set
Full set of all sizes and types (3 x 50 ml and 3 x 125 mL bottles) for $135.00.



To order please email: or
call Tobias directly on 041 332 5277.